2020...four years again ! Time flies ( not always having fun though ! ). This past year has been ups and downs with politics and all sorts hitting our industry. We have heard some bad stories of businesses like ours struggling . We are hoping that this year will see an uplift in trade and confidence. Worked again for Bensons Beds back in Spring . 800 Bed Throws and 1500 cushion covers. Some hours went in there i can tell you ! We also had to get some help to get the work on schedule, but we did.

Let's see what 2020 has in store.....will updae you.



Reading the article below i realise i have omitted to write anything in the News section since then ! FOUR years !! A lot has happened since that experience. Just lately having the hours to make and deliver 420 cushion covers on a given date for Steinhoff Beds. These will be going in to Bensons Beds showrooms all round the UK.We have also brought an embroidery machine in to the business. That is for the future when it might get a little quieter. And to add this story in 2017 1500 cushion covers required and made for Bensons showrooms !





March 2012...there we are in the car just having arrived outside the Dentists and the mobile goes off. as we answer it on loudspeaker we hear a female voice telling us that it is the BBC. They want to know if we would be prepared to help with DIY SOS The Big Build which is coming to Huntingdon. ( Would you just for one moment think this could be a wind up ? ) After asking some pertinent questions we do actually realise that we have been chosen as first supplier to help make the programme alonside other trades from the area. Well....what do you do ? YES of course !

However we took on the whole Curtain and blind project along with soft furnishings. Normally they have two or three companies who share it, but no not us, we agreed to do the whole lot !

Anyway we are not allowed by BBC rules to tell you very much until the programme is aired in the Autumn. It is possible that you may not even see us personally, but do have a quick look at the windows...all Jane's work and my help with fitting.

Just to let you know....all those chaps are real and DO work very hard plus really nice to get on with. We will publish the date of the programme when we are told.

Screening date January 3rd 2013 9.00pm BBC 1.


JUNE / JULY 2012. We supply and fit blinds in London.

What a view ! Fitting Vertical Blinds on behalf of Jabula Interiors in the BATS building overlooking the Thames next to Tower Bridge. To our left was the bridge, opposite was the new Shard building and to the right was the view along the river towards St Pauls.

We completed the job over a couple of weekends so as not to disturb the staff. We had the whole floor to ourselves. Sounds great...however no air conditioning as it was not their working day and the hot weekends. Probably one of the hardest jobs stamina wise we have ever completed. Got some good pics though !

Extra blinds fitted on Dec 31st 2012. Weather not so good this time !




New offices in Hampton, Peterborough and they needed Vertical Blinds.

Made to measure and ready to go we got to the building at 10.00am on Friday morning.From then until 3.00pm ( 10 mins for a bite ) we used the JM System and believe it or not we had fitted 50 blinds between the two of us. The next day...yes a Saturday.....it had to be done.....we started at 10.00 and by 1.00pm the final 18 larger blinds were in place. 68 blinds in 8 hours. Mind you we did ache substantially !

SO if you need a job done and in time give us a call.



It is typical that it all comes at once.....Roman Blinds for a Bed and Breakfast in Devon, more for a re-fit in Kettering, a new house in Hampton and at least 18 for a complete renovation in Stamford.Jane is wondering where the hours are ! However in the present economic climate we are happy to be able to say that we have work and that customers are still requiring top quality blinds rather than cheaper alternatives that look just that !

Posted 10.30 am March 10th 2010.




Domestic and Commercial premises have one thing in common.......windows ! The majority of these need some form of dressing or covering. Whether decorative, fuctional or both the correct blinds are to be considered carefully. Sunshine can be a real problem in many areas and especially where there are computers.To choose which type of blind is suitable can depend on a number of factors. When we survey a premises we take in to account the direction of the sun and the problems which could arise.In a commercial situation it is the Vertical Blind which tends to be favourite owing to its flexibility and competitive price.Also conservatories lend themselves to this application allowing the owner to have one, two or whatever number closed, half open or half shut, completely off the window or closed shut.

Venetian Blinds are an old favourite in many premises. Now available in an array of colours and styles these blinds are again a competitively priced alternative.We can even offer wood look-alike metal now. Most are available in 25.35/50 mm widths allowing variable amounts of light at the twist of a wand.

One criticism of the venetian is the dust accumulation which unfortunately can be a problem, but there are now hand held cleaners available to cope with the task.

Real Wood Venetians offer the customer a warm looking fuctional blind again in 25/53/50 mm widths.We can also tempt you with colour matched Wood Venetians which can be sprayed to tone in with your colour scheme.

Pleated Blinds are quite often the choice for those who wish to see very little mechanism and the blind taking up verylittle space on the window sill. They are also the most practical conservatory roof blind which can be made to fit shaped panels. With many fabric options including the latest Solar Fabrics there are colours and textures for all tastes.The double pleated honeycombe blinds are probably the neatest blinds we supply with no mechanism or strings/guide wires showing.

The mechanisms on these blinds are truly brilliant.You can start and stop them where you wish on the window and when down they provide a warm glow with superb privacy.

The Roller Blind still rides high in popularity and is very traditional.Again with a large selection of fabrics and finishes the Roller has many applications at a competitive price, but beware ! Cheap options are on the market and quite honestly are not worth bothering with. If it is made with a cardboard inner mechanism then it simply will not last the test of time. We have been asked in the past on many occasions to replace these sad examples with our blinds which have steel or aluminium mechanisms.These will last !

Roman Blinds are probably the most traditional of all and definitely for those who choose the softer finish with style. One advantage is being able to choose fabrics to match existing furnishings. Choice is virtually unlimited and many designs are available now from abroad.

JM Interiors can offer you a sidewinder mechanism in addition to the cleat hook and string option. This option adds a small premium to the price, but enables a smoother ' pull ' and avoids the string and cleat which can become a chore.


Curtaining is a subject bigger than a page or two and these days Ready Mades from multiple outlets are available at very favourable prices. However experience tells us that made to measure lined curtains stand the test of time if the fabric is chosen carefully and made up correctly.

With choices of swags and tails, pinch pleats, goblets, tab tops, eyelets etc the best idea is to take a look at our Curtain Design Directory and our portfolio.In our online gallery you will see many options and get a feel for what might take your fancy!


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