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Dress Up Your Interior with Curtains and Blinds

Planning to give your house a new look? If yes, why don't you start by replacing the existing curtains and blinds? These are essential accessories that can easily make or break your interior design. Before you think of other expensive home improvement methods, think of the kind of magical effect a simple piece of curtain or blind can have on your home. Most professional interior designers use these décor pieces as the standard measure of the type of interior design to create for each room.
Traditionally, drapes and window blinds were used primarily for covering the window; homeowners didn't pay much attention to the aesthetic effect that these pieces of cloth can have on their houses. Today, however, home designers have realized the critical role that curtains and blinds play in determining the overall appearance of a house. You too can take advantage of these décor accessories to update your home. If used properly, these accessories can be eye-catching and transformative. They will also compliment other existing décor elements to give your room a complete look.
But you just don't use any type of curtains and blinds; there are procedures to be followed when selecting the right drapes for your house. For starters, you need to be careful about the color of your drapes to avoid color clash. Interior designers understand that colors have the power to make a strong statement. So, the colors you choose for your blinds and curtains will greatly contribute to the overall appearance and style of the house. They will also determine the kind of impression people have of you. Therefore, choose colors that define your taste, style and fashion. In some cases, you can use these drapes as the focal point of your room by choosing eye-catching colors and patterns.
The problem with extremely bright curtains and blinds is the fact that you will be forced to replace them whenever you bring new décor elements such as furniture into the room. It's good to have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve with your drapes before you go shopping. Some people want to use curtains to create an element of practicality in their houses while others are looking for a new interior style. Whatever the case may be for you, make sure you achieve the end goal. Other important factors that may affect your choice of drapes include type of material, value, size, and radiance. To find out more check out Essex Interiors.





The favourite blind for conservatories is the pleated type. In the past these tended to be fairly limited when it came to design and colour, however now we see the introduction of Solar fabrics in different colours and styles. These fabrics can be beneficial in two ways. Summer sushine is blocked out to a higher degree and in winter they help with a win win situation. Cost wise they are not a lot more than the conventional fabric selections.

The double layer fabric blind otherwise known as the Honeycombe, and other various names is a choice for those who wish to have no wires/strings showing. Thes blinds tend to look extremely tidy and close up so well as to allow maximum window glass exposure when required. The other plus is the insulation qualities of two layers of fabric.

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